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Lane Bryant item number 354064

Do you know what’s gorgeous?

Apart from you, I mean. These Lane Bryant jeans are gorgeous. The Super Soft Stretch Skinny Jean. It’s the ruffle that got me. And at the moment there’s 40% off. This is not a sponsored post. I have no affiliation with Lane Bryant. I came across the jeans through one of Shakera Ferguson’s The Real […]

We want you

Wanted – testers for Emmaretta’s first line of plus sized hosiery

Wanted – women from across the United States to give feedback on samples of Emmaretta hosiery. Free stockings in exchange for your honest feedback, which will be kept private and anonymous. I’m working with a manufacturer in North Carolina, and need independent, no-holds-barred feedback from real women located across the United States. Sizes 16 to […]

Lisa Mustang Sally Two Vivacity Mindy shirt pink

Vivacity Sportswear to offer plus size options

Lisa from Mustang Sally Two posted about her collaboration with Vivacity Sportswear, a lifestyle brand wanting to offer plus sized workout clothes. Lisa wrote that she tested the Mindy Top which is made from easy-care jersey with sweat-wicking properties. Here’s the link to the shirt on the Vivacity website. It’s available in US sizes 14-30, […]

2017 firecracker

What are your themes for 2017?

I have graduated from having specific new years resolutions to nowadays setting 1-2 themes for each year. It’s worked much better for me than strict resolutions. Last year my key theme was to get comfortable with saying no to things and people by default, so that I could achieve more of what is important to […]