Inspiration, self-care and the importance of sleep

I follow all of the plus-size bloggers I can find online. One whom I admire for her consistency, self-acceptance and her excellent make-up skills is Lisa, a Canadian blogger whose online handle is MustangSallyTwo.

In her 30 January post she showcases sleepwear by Torrid, and speaks about her journey to self-acceptance, and the impact that long-term lack of sleep had on her life. I won’t paraphrase her story – but I recommend that you read her truth in her own words.

On a lighter note, the sleepwear, or loungewear as they seem to call it in Canada, is very nice. The picture above is from Lisa’s blog post, showing Torrid’s Dusty Pink Sleep Set. I was going to use the photo from Torrid’s website, but Lisa wears it a lot better than the model on Torrid’s website (sorry, anonymous model), so I hope she won’t mind me taking a screenshot of her photo.

Lisa from Mustang Sally Two
Screenshot of the Mustang Sally blog post 30 January 2019